For general questions about accessibility, ask Cathy Gordon at [email protected], or Emily Maxwell at [email protected]


A fish walks onto a GO Train...

Art In Transit: Luminato on the GO follows grumpy, urban Fish suited and caffeinated, as he begins his morning commute, yearning for the water and feeling the call of the lake. With assistance from a cheery Train Conductor and chance encounters with musicians and dancers, ritual and readings, Fish rides the train all the way home to Lake Ontario, while slowly transforming from a fish-in-a-suit into his true aquatic self.

Waiting for Fish at Union station is the musical Welcoming Committee, featuring different artists each day, who joyfully join him on his final quest to the water.

Art In Transit: Luminato on the GO brings the delight and whimsy of street theatre to everyday train commuters. Popping up on a different Go line, and in various Union Station lobbies, every weekday of the festival, this is a morning commute you won’t want to miss. Make sure to catch the GO so you don’t miss the boat!

COVID-19 Protocols

Please refer to our Festival COVID-19 Policy and Procedures HERE


Pop-up performances start at the listed GO station and culminate at Union Station around 8:45 AM (approximately)

Date & Time Line GO Station
June 9 @ Early Morning Commute Richmond Hill Richmond Hill
June 10 @ Early Morning Commute Kitchener Brampton
June 13 @ Early Morning Commute Barrie Maple
June 14 @ Early Morning Commute Stouffville Unionville
June 15 @ Early Morning Commute Milton Cooksville
June 16 @ Early Morning Commute Lakeshore East Rouge Hill
June 17 @ Early Morning Commute Lakeshore West Oakville

Schedule subject to change

Performance advisories and common questions

How do I watch this show? This is not a typical show! This is street theatre on a GO Train intended to brighten the mood for morning commuters. The action moves between cars, and each workday of the festival the piece starts at a different location (see above). The best way to get an idea of the whole piece is to check out Luminato Instagram HERE.

Is it accessible? Every GO Train has Car #5 (middle of the train) that is accessible, with an entry point with ramp, extra space in the car, both visual and sound notifications of station stops, as well as an accessible washroom. There are also accessible washrooms at Union Station.

For those that cannot join us on the train, there are online experiences including the Beloved Online Book Club with audiobooks available.

Is it a ticketed event?

There is no additional cost beyond the price of your GO fare. Click HERE to learn more about the PRESTO PERKS.

What is the length of the performance?

The length varies depending on which GO train line the performance occurs, however it is approximately 50 minutes long including both the GO train journey and the Union Station performance.

Is there audience participation?

You may be approached by performers with special “tickets” that contain information about the show. You are welcome to take photographs of the performers (and include the hashtag #Luminato2022). You may choose to be read to by one of the Readers, if you happen to be in the right car at the right time!

Is there music? On the GO train, there is a moving soundscape that morphs throughout the experience via portable speakers. Then, each day, awaiting at Union Station, there is a different community group ready to play The Call of The Lake melody at full volume.

How will this impact the Quiet Zone of the GO Train?

No sound is ever played in or near the Quiet Zone of the GO train. No performers will enter the Quiet Zone.